Caring For A WellStar Patient?

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If you manage the care of a WellStar patient please review:

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  • What is a proxy?
    • The term "proxy" means someone who has access to a MyChart account that is not their own.
  • When do I need a proxy?
    • Right Now! Without proxy access a family member or care giver would not be able to contact the MyChart help desk to request password assistance to their loved ones MyChart account.
  • When should I request proxy access??
    • MyChart Adult Proxy Access gives adult family members and care givers access to an adult patients MyChart record (with their permission). Both parties must sign the adult proxy form in order to receive adult proxy access.
  • These forms may be helpful to you:

  • Adult Proxy Form
  • ROI Authorization Form
  • ROI Authorization Form - Espanol
  • Ammendment Form
  • This information may be helpful to you:

  • What is a proxy?
    • The term "proxy" means someone who has access to a MyChart account that is not their own.
  • What is MyChart Child Proxy access
    • MyChart Child Proxy access gives the parent(s) or legal guardian of a minor child access to parts of the childs medical record.
  • What can I see if I am granted Child Proxy access?
    • 1. If the child is 0-11 the parent/legal guardian is granted full access to their child's MyChart record.

      2. If the child is 12-17 the parent is granted limited access to their child's MyChart record (the parent can only view immunizations and schedule appointments).

      3. When the patient turns 18 the parents/legal guardians proxy access will automatically be revoked, as the child is now an adult.

  • What is Teen Proxy access?
    • Teen proxy access allows parents/legal guardians to obtain Full access to your child’s MyChart information (age 12-17). The teen must be counceled by a clinincal staff member at an office visit, and be given the oportunity to authorize or deny proxy access to their parent/legal guardian. Both Teen and Proxy Must sign a Teen proxy authorization form in person at a WellStar facility. MyChart authorizations from minors will expire on the child’s 18th birthday.
  • What can I see if I am granted Teen Proxy access?
    • Parent/legal guardian will have full access to their teens(12-17) MyChart record.

      Note: Teen Plus Proxy authorization forms can not be emailed/faxed to the patient/proxy. It can only be filled out during an office visit.

  • These forms may be helpful to you:

  • Child Proxy Form
  • This information may be helpful to you:

  • I am a aunt, uncle, grandparent, close family member of a child. Can I have proxy access to their MyChart record?
    • Child proxy acces is only granted to a parent/legal guardian of a minor. If you a legal guardian you must submit legal proof of guardianship to be granted child proxy access to that child Mychart record.
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  • What is a Power of Attorney/Health Care Agent?
    • A person appointed by a patient in an advance directive to act for and on behalf of the patient and to make decisions related to consent, refusal or withdrawal of any type of healthcare and decisions related to autopsy, organ donation, and final disposition of a patient’s body when the patient is unable to or chooses not to make these decisions for himself/herself.
  • When do I need a Power of Attorney/Health Care Agent?
    • Advance care planning (ACP) is a process of communication between an individual and his/her Health Care Agent(s) and healthcare providers to discuss and reflect on personal values and preferences regarding health care. It is also a process of planning for future healthcare decisions in the event that the individual loses the ability to make his/her own decisions or express his/her values and preferences. During this process, an individual may choose to complete an Advance Directive for Healthcare. An Advance Directive for Healthcare is a legal document in which an individual may choose to:

      1.Designate a Healthcare Agent to make decisions for him or herself when he/she is unable to do so

      2.And / Or make some of his/her treatment preferences known

  • What is an Advanced Directive?
    • A written document voluntarily executed by an adult person with decision-making capacity that specifies a healthcare agent (HCA), treatment preferences, and/or guardianship. Advance directive forms include any of the following: living will, Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare and the Georgia Advance Directive for Healthcare. These forms can be found in our advance care planning packets and on our website: WellStar Advanced Care Planning
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  • How do I get a MyChart activation code?
    • Patients can get a Mychart activation code:

      1. During any WellStar facility visit

      2. From the wellstar mychart website

      3. By calling the MyChart Help desk at 470-644-0419

  • Does MyChart ever deactivate?
    • Yes.

      1. Death - MyChart will automatically deactivate when a patient is marked as deceased in our system. Once it has been deactivated we cannot reactive your loved ones MyChart account. It is strongly recommended that if you are caring for a family member that you request Adult proxy access to their account to avoid not being able to access their MyChart records.

      2. Upon request - patients can contact the MyChart help desk at 470-644-0419 to deactivate their MyChart account at any time.

  • Is the filling out a HIPAA form at my providers office the same as filling out a proxy form?
    • No. The HIPAA form gives your consent for your clinical staff members to discuss personal information about you with whomever you indicate on that form. That is not the same as giving proxy access to a family member to have full access to your past and present medical records.